My life started at the 22nd of May, 1991.
My musical life however, started when
I was 14. After several years of playing
alone, or with Jeroen, I started a band
with some classmates. Unfortunatly we
didnít play more then two or three
covers and it didnít last long.
After years of trying to find a new band,
with some good and bad results,
I started to play more with Jeroen.
We played covers, we jammed, we wrote
our own music. And so on, the idea of
starting a band together grew.
We performed a few times on an acoustic
open stage, but our young and hungry
hearts wanted more, so we began our
quest for our own band.

When I write music, I donít think in a
normal, daily way. You let your thoughts
and inspiration take over your mind and
body, so that you become part of it,
experience that emotion as profound as
you can. And then the words just find
their way through the pencil, on the paper.
And only afterwards, when Iíve played
the song several times, after a week
or even after a few months, I really begin
to understand the meaning of the song.
Ofcourse you write a song with a certain
intention, a certain thought in your mind
and ofcourse those thoughts will live on
in the song, but the real meaning of it
only becomes clear after you played it,
felt it and experienced it. And that is
what I love the most about music, you can
always experience it on a different way
and discover new things in a song, even
in a song you write yourself. I donít
create music, the music creates itself.