ďJoost, you should play the drums, you
should do something with your hunger for
music. You canít sit still, you crazy boy!Ē

This very sentence. How many times people
have said this to me, Iíve lost count.
I started playing the drums when I was 14
years old. It all came natural to me,
playing the drums was in my fingers,
my feet, my head, my soul. When I had
been playing for 2 years I reckoned myself
to be good enough to play in a band.
After all, playing in a band was the
reason I started playing in the first place.
I asked everyone I knew if they played
an instrument. Few did, and these people
were often not as driven as I was.
But, one day, a new kind of sun rose.
A SOLID SUN. How all that came together,
is described in our biography.
Apart from playing the drums Iím currently
learning to play guitar as well. Just for fun,
playing the drums for Solid Sun is still
that which I am best at.

Music has a way of finding itself time
and time again. When I first played with
the guys I didnít expect everything to go
as smoothly as it did. But it all worked
out immediately. And I experience this
over and over again. When youíre
playing something it eventually all comes
naturally. We often jam for half an hour
or so, just because we canít stop playing
when we donít have anything to do. I feel
the same way when Iím at home, or at
school or at any other place. I donít
feel right if there is no music to listen to
or if Iím not playing any. Playing or
listening to music or singing is my way
of having fun, release stress, relax and
actually FEEL. I think that would be the
best summary of what music means to
me: Whenever Iím playing the drums or
my guitar, I donít hear the music,
I FEEL it.