I was born on the 24th of September
in 1993. Me and my brother, Thom,
started to play guitar when I was 11.
Thom played in a few bands but none
of them became a big succes.
I always wanted to play in a band too,
but I never found the right people.
After a couple of years me and my
brother Thom started to play and
perform together.
But we both wanted a real band.
So we started to find the right members.
And in December 2010 we started the
band Solid Sun with Ferry and Joost
on bass and drums. This would be the
first time I played in a real band.

The music we make is not everyday
music. Itís mysterious and different,
itís psychedelic. Last year I started to
listen to The Doors. I discovered this
band by myself and it has had a big
influence on my guitar technique.
Robby Krieger (guitarist of The Doors)
has great techniques wich often inspire
me when writing our own music.
Iím also inspired by the style of
David Gilmour, Rory Gallagher and
Keith Richards. My guitarstyle is a
mix of Arabic music, Flamenco,
Blues and Rock Ďn Roll.