I am Ferry Wetzels, born at November
27th in 1991 in Heerlen, in the
Southern part of the Netherlands.
I went to the Sophianum college in
Gulpen. My interest in Rock music
started around the age of ten and
when I was fourteen (or something
like that) I started to play the
bass guitar. Soon after I started
to play the guitar, there were
a few attempts for starting
a band. It isnít strange that it
didnít work out that well, but
although it brought me some nice
experiences in writing my own
songs and lyrics, and in stage
performance. Two of the gigs I
played along with Thom, who I
met via some friends.

Well, it was quite fun though, but
nothing more than that.
So, still there was a craving for more.
In 2010, after graduating high school,
I moved to Nijmegen to study
Biomedical Sciences, and since that
time I started to hang out more with
Thom, also studying in Nijmegen.
We played along a few times before
I asked him if he had plans for
starting a band, fortunately it
happened to be that he needed a