Solid Sun is a psychedelic rock formation,
inspired by bands as Pink Floyd, the Velvet
Underground and the Doors, but also by
modern bands like Pearl Jam. After a long
quest for the right bandmembers, the birth of
the Solid Sun was a fact around january 2011.
After a few rehearsals, the band had built up
a repertoire, big enough to perform on stage.
On the second Saturday of March, they
performed for the first time at Café de Haas,
Voerendaal. It turned out to be a great succes.
And encouraged by this, they began to search
for more and more gigs and started to write
more music. In the last weekend of May they
started to record their first EP, wich will
be released begin July.
It will be a 24 minutes long psychedelic trip,
which will describe the thoughts of a man
who hasn’t yet discovered his own identity,
but already knows what the world is about.
Solid Sun